Off the back of being asked for videographer recommendations so frequently by my couples I’m proud to endorse my great friend Gione as my associate videographer. I feel like Gione’s my Brazilian brother from another mother! Such a great guy to have around on the day and a truly gifted artist. We work together regularly and it’s effortless every time. Our ethos towards capturing weddings is identical: we’re driven by our art to produce the very best we can for our clients yet on the day we’re very easy-going and relaxed. Experience of working together and mutual respect means we instinctively fit around one another so we each get the shots we need.

If I’m going to endorse someone within the umbrella of my business they have to be a perfect match: in terms of the style of their work, how they actually approach a wedding day and what they’re like as a person. And naturally I want to offer my clients the very best quality I can. I genuinely challenge you to find a better wedding filmmaker in the UK. Being recognised as UK Videographer Of The Year in the 2017 Wedding Industry Awards and voted one of the top 20 international videographers in the world by the Inspiration Photographers of Brazil is no coincidence! Gione’s my boy!

“Love, love, love the video! Wow, you guys really are the dream team!!”

Laura and Jed

In Gione’s words…

“It’s been proved that stories fuel our imagination and indeed everything in life! We are creatures that constantly need stories. We tell stories to learn, to teach, to entertain, to communicate and even when we’re sleeping our minds fill our need for stories! This is why a story well told has an immense power to engage people in so many ways. Early on in my career I understood that what will make my films interesting is finding the narrative and interweaving people into it. It is not the gear that I use, the amount of toys I carry around or even the length of the films I produce. What matters is the people and the story. For me it’s important to connect with my clients, to get to know them and let their personalities shine through my films. Moments, connections, true emotions and artistry are what define my work. I am a simple person, a visual storyteller and a friend who will create a unique record that will help preserve those wonderful memories of your wedding day, telling the story of two unique and passionate people – you!”