Personal ~ Bull shark feeding dive // Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

In February I realised an ambition I’ve held for some time: doing a dive with some ‘serious’ sharks in their own environment. I love diving but in reality only get the chance when I’m holiday, so once a year at best. I wish I could go more really… I’m interested to see all the creatures of the ocean but I’ve always had a bit of a fixation with sharks – classically misunderstood creatures, they’re the perfect hunters and have roamed the seas for millions of year with no need to evolve.

A few years back I did a dive in a very large aquarium with some pretty meaty raggy tooth tiger sharks and since then I’d been itching for a closer encounter in open water. Our family holiday to Mexico back in February was the chance I’d been waiting for. I booked onto a feeding dive where a couple of instructors fed a group of some 15 bull sharks whilst the 12 of us on the dive took in the special experience of being in very close proximity to these amazing creatures. To record the occasion I borrowed a Go Pro and videoed some rather shaky footage on which my good friend Dave worked some editing skills to get it down to a nicely compiled highlights film of the experience. Check it out…

Here a few stills taken by another diver. You can spot me in the last one!

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