My Style

The Joy

For me a wedding is a massive celebration of the love two people have for each other and the photos should reflect that. From the tingly, nervous morning laughter as you get ready with your best friends to the elation of walking back down the aisle having sealed the deal, right through to bouncing up and down on the dancefloor with your tie round your head: your day’s going to be chock full of joy and I’m driven to capture the atmosphere of all those good vibes for you to look back on.

The Emotions

Pride, love, nerves, surprise – those things and many more add up to what you’ll remember your big day being all about. I love the power a photo has to take you back to exactly how you felt at a given moment in time.

Awesome Portraits

I pride myself on giving every couple some show-stopping portraits they can print out big and get on the wall. Despite what you might think, we’re going to have fun making these pictures. Getting some laughter going for those nice natural looking shots is a given and I like to mix it up and create something more arty using dramatic lighting and interesting backdrops.

Special Little Moments

Those blink-and-you-miss-it moments, the ones you saw and plenty that you didn’t: I love capturing these


Who doesn’t love a good party?? (I definitely do!) By the time the dancefloor gets going the formalities of the day are over and it’s all about loosening ties, chucking your heels in the corner and throwing some shapes. It’s an awesome opportunity for some fun, energetic photos of the people you love the most having uninhibited, hands-in-the-air fun. It’s such an important part of the day and I love to document it. I could never be that photographer that slopes off after the first dance…