About Me

Hi! I’m John. I’m a wedding photographer based in Leeds but I travel all over the UK and internationally, wherever my work takes me.

I’ve had a passion for creative arts… music, words, design and images since a young age but it wasn’t until I started taking photography seriously a few years back that I discovered my perfect creative outlet. I love how in a coming together of vision and technique, anything from raw energy and euphoria to complete peace and tranquility can be captured forever in the click of a shutter.

Weddings provide so many amazing, defining moments in people’s lives and I aim to capture these in a creative, organic way. On one level, weddings are governed by tradition. There tends to be a framework to the day that is more or less adhered to and yet I aim to go into each wedding with a clear mind and eyes wide open. That’s because every wedding is different; every couple puts their own stamp on things and the characters, the details and those moments that pull at your heart strings are different every time.

That’s why I love photographing weddings and that’s certainly what dictates my approach to shooting them.

Through the day the shackles are off and it’s documentary wedding photography all the way! I’m not about ordering people around or directing the action.

But I’ll be there, unobtrusively capturing the action as it unfolds: the joy, the tears, the story… When it comes to couple portraits, I guarantee we’ll have fun, even if you think you might be a bit apprehensive about that bit! We will get some laughs going for sure to get those lovely, natural looking shots. Fake smiles on cue just don’t cut it! And I’m always on the lookout for dramatic lighting and striking backdrops to create something a little more arty and epic that will demand some wall space!