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“I hope you enjoy this run down of some of my favourite shots from last year showing my best UK wedding photography of 2021!”

I’m sat here writing this with the end game in sight at last. I’m not sure the world as we know it will ever be quite the same again but after almost exactly two years the headlines finally tell of the last Covid restrictions being lifted. The outlook is positive – I have a very busy calendar for a normal year ahead and 2023 is already starting to fill up off the back of a steady and unrelenting stream of enquiries from excited couples making plans with renewed confidence, many of whom I’m sure will have delayed things for a year, maybe two.

I finished my Best of 2019 round-up with the words: “I don’t know about you but I can’t to see what 2020 has in store”. That didn’t age well!!

There was no Best of 2020. A few scattered micro-weddings, lovely though they were, and actually rather a lot of family shoots as I diversified to try and earn money, didn’t give me anywhere close to enough relevant content to make such a blog post worthwhile. And then we come to 2021 which was kind of odd in its own right! It’s easy to forget that things didn’t properly open up till July so we were in micro-wedding territory till then, followed by a crazy opening of the floodgates. The back end of the year saw a melee of new bookings and re-arranged weddings crammed into any days of the week that were available.

As it so often does, the wonderful wedding photography community stepped up to the plate to help with the inevitable clatter of date clashes. I had to call in associate shooters for some of mine – massive thanks to Ash, Soven & Emil for smashing it – and in turn I ended up shooting 5 myself to help out others. The consequence of this is that in a year when I’ve shot lots, I can’t / won’t be showing it all. This round-up is comprised solely of the weddings that were shot under my brand in 2021 – not as many as in a normal year – but some awesome memories mostly coming from an intense 5 months or so as we began to rediscover life and living.

I have to extend massive thanks to every one of my couples. Some had better luck than others but without exception you dealt with circumstances with positivity, generosity and empathy, several of you working with me to find solutions that weren’t always easy. My impression is that every one of you had the best day of your lives when your wedding finally happened and I dearly hope you’ll treasure the memories we’ve captured for you!

It’s been a year of resilience, of compassion and cooperation. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt luckier to do this as a job. To my couples and photographer brothers and sisters: THANK YOU! To everyone else: the light at the end of tunnel seems to finally be here – let the good times roll! And if you’re reading this buzzing with excitement, planning your own wedding – we need to talk!

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“John, these photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! We’ve currently got so many in our favourites section it’s going to take us a while to narrow them down!! They’re absolutely fantastic! You’re a star, thank you SO much!”
Steph & Keishi, Priests House wedding

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“On the day, John was relaxed and professional, helping us to feel at ease and bringing lots of laughter into our group and couple shots which really captured the joy of the day! He knew exactly where to go for great lighting and when the perfect sunset shot should be taken. One of our favourite things about John’s photos was when we looked back through them we were just amazed by the number of happy faces he seemed to capture. In reaction to speeches, during conversations and playing garden games, he’s captured so many moments of joy, and in the quieter moments of the ceremony and preparation you can really feel the emotions of the day through the photographs. John found the perfect balance of capturing breath-taking couple photographs, pictures of our guests, and documenting the day.”
Ellie & Callum, Hooton Pagnell Hall wedding

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“The moments you’ve captured are just marvellous and we will definitely treasure these for the rest of our lives”
Natalie & Ben, Whitmore Hall wedding

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“John’s professional and friendly approach made us feel totally at ease on the day and we are absolutely over the moon with the results! We couldn’t recommend John highly enough and are extremely grateful!”
Gemma & Joe, York wedding

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“We sat down last night and went through all the photos. We love love love them! Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to look through them again and decide which ones to print etc. It’s going to prove very difficult trying to narrow them all down as I love them all!”
Madeleine & Chris, Two Woods Estate wedding

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“These are INCREDIBLE! We love the photos, have looked through them so many times now. Absolutely legendary!”
Ellie & Gary, Wasing Park wedding

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“A MASSIVE THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart for the amazing photos!!!! …We love all the ‘love’ shots and we’ve really enjoyed getting a look at what we missed when we were busy on the day. The day goes quicker that we were even prepared for (even though everyone told us that it would go in a blink of an eye!) so it’s great looking at the background through the pictures… seeing who is speaking to who and trying to read expressions on people’s faces and guess what they’re talking about… we’ve had a laugh over so many pics!”
Laura & Jonny, Branxholm Park wedding

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This post is the best UK wedding photography of 2021 by John Hope Photography. Hit the contact page to get in touch and tell me about your wedding plans! Thanks and best wishes to all the venues I shot at in 2021: The Mansion Leeds, Thornbridge Hall, Rudding Park, Whitmore Hall, Buckhurst Park, Wasing Park, Bowcliffe Hall, Forest Side Hotel, Hyde House, Branxholm Park, Left Bank, Wyresdale Park, Two Woods Estate, The Priests House and Hooton Pagnell Hall wedding photography.


  • Ufniak Photography commented:

    Awesome work!

    on February 10, 2022
  • Emily Dawson commented:

    These are truly magical John!

    on February 11, 2022
  • Alex Bradbury commented:

    2021, the year when wedding photography was back! Looks like you had a great year – awesome work!

    on February 11, 2022
  • Emma commented:

    Amazing work as always John! 🙂

    on February 11, 2022
  • Marcel Badoing commented:

    Incredible work during very trying times. Fantastic!

    on February 11, 2022
  • Johnny Dent commented:

    Awesome work dude, it looks like you had a great year. Heres to an equally as great 2022..

    on February 12, 2022
  • Joab Woodger-Smith commented:

    Looking at these whilst there’s a storm outside the window was a small antidote! beautiful, warm, happy photos, looks like a fun year!

    on February 18, 2022
  • Krystian commented:

    Awesome work! John. Killer portraits and moments.

    on May 18, 2022
  • richard skins commented:

    Awesome collection John! looked like a great year mate

    on February 2, 2023

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